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Providence RI artist Vinnie Ray is best known for his street-art work that came to life while living in Brooklyn, New York. Through stickers and posters, he reclaims public space to promote positive vibrations, and prompt thought energy.  With this guiding viewpoint, his work weaves across formats of installation art, street art, and studio art.  The concept of the work dictates the format that is used.


His work has been shown along the spectrum of museums, to all-night warehouse parties. Vinnie Ray has continued to pursue art that is accessible at the street level.  His public installations have been sponsored by PVD_ACT, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Manhattan Art Fund, and The Brooklyn Arts Council.  His street art campaigns (stickers, flags, posters) have generated interest worldwide.  His work is featured in the seminal books “The Art of Rebellion” and “Izastickup” as well as magazines such as Vapors, Animal, and Beautiful Decay.  This work led him to create several T-shirt lines for Prada.  You can stay current on all his work via Instagram - @vinnieray401

Vinnie Ray


1970 Born in Cincinnati, Ohio
1992 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY.

Film, Photography, and Visual Arts - minor in studio art.


*Selected Exhibitions:

2020 Northwest Arts Center’s Americas 2021: Paperworks – North Dakota

            Group – Portal 13 & 14

2020 Cello Factory Gallery - TRANS|FORM- Curated by ArtCan - London

            Group – Cave & Echoes

2020 Envision Arts - Beyond - Online

            Group – Portal 13

2020 Public Not Private Gallery - Providence

            Group – Portals, Cave & Echoes, Good Luck merch


2019 On The Lawn PVD- Providence

             Good Luck Gateway v.2 – South Side Cultural Center PVD


2019 PVDFest Summer Installation Program- Providence

            Good Luck Gateway – Empire Plaza


2008-2018 – Reprioritized to help the environment, selling renewable energy, raising kids, making music, creating an invention...>back to art



2005 Beautiful Crime Gallery - London Solo- Echolocation Series


2004 Animal Gallery - NYC Group- Paradise


2004 AG Gallery - Brooklyn

Group- Look Closer, drawing show


2004 KCDC - Brooklyn
Group- Sticker Throw, international sticker show


2004 Hollywood Remix - NYC
Group- International Street Art Exhibition


2004 Food Show- Munich, Germany: London, England Group- International Street Art Exhibition


2004 PH Gallery- NYC
Group- RE:Construct, Crowns of Sound


2003 Jen Bekman Gallery- NYC
Group- Made in New York show, Celebrate Book, prints, stickers, flag


2003 Expace Projects 002/003- NYC
Group- Celebrate Book, Listening Book


2003 Zakka Space for Creators - NYC
Solo- Listening Series: Sonic Architecture


2003 Expace Projects 001/003- NYC
Group- Celebrate Book, prints, and stickers


2002 Siren Music Festival- Brooklyn
Flag installation along entrance to event “Listening Flags”


2002 Essex St. Market- NYC
Solo- Flag installation on front of market “Celebration Flags” Sponsored by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council


2001 Mastel Mastel Gallery- Brooklyn
Group- Prints, “Celebration:searching, thinking, expanding, loving, being”


2000 Halcyon - Brooklyn

Solo- Sonic Fossils


1993 Alleged Gallery - NYC Group-Mixed Media “party hat,1”


1993 Holly Solomon Gallery - NYC Group-video piece “Generation 13”


*Awards and Achievements:

2019 PVDFest grant Providence A.C.T

2003 Brooklyn Arts Council Grant
2002 Manhattan Community Arts Fund Recipient
Co-creator of KickstandTM, Artware for the computer. Critically acclaimed software program. Instructor of Interface Design, Banff Center for the Arts.
Selection to the Dallas Film and Video Festival. “Generation 13”
Selection to the Medicine Wheel Animation Festival. “Thought.”


Animal, Paradise issue , 2004

Beautiful Decay, issue H, 2004
Vapors Magazine, issue 19, 2004
Belio Magazine, Dreams issue, Spain, 2004
Villiage Voice, Psychogeographers Navigate New York City’s Changing Landscape, by Bryan Zimmerman, May 7-13 2003
The Art of Rebellion, Christian Hundertmark, Ginkgo Press, 2003
Izastickup, BO130, The Don, Microbo, Drago Arts, 2005
Repellent, issue 2, 2003
Repellent, issue 3, 2004
Half Empty, Spring 2003

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