Good Luck Gateway Installation - Empire Plaza Providence RI


The Good Luck Gateway (GLG) is a ritual passage that lets people take an active role in creating luck for themselves.

Good Luck Gateway Activation Event 6/6/19


The Good Luck Gateway activates our ability to enter an energetic field where good things happen more often.

Walking through the arch is a personal ritual that activates a subconscious suggestion that attracts luck. This happens because people who are expecting good luck are looking for it-- their eyes and minds are tuned toward a positive vibration. Once in that positive field, more positive things are likely to happen. People call this acceleration of positive events Good Luck. The GLG empowers that process, inviting us to create our own luck, instead of waiting for it.


Approach The Good Luck Gateway. Before entering, remember the luckiest thing that has ever happened to you. Think about how it made you feel. Remember details. Hold that energetic state. Now take a deep breath and hold it. Walk through the Good Luck Gateway, holding your breath as you pass under the Luck Lightning Bolt.

Once you’re through, exhale slowly. Stand a moment, expecting good things. Then reenter reality in your positively energized state.

That’s it. That’s all. That’s how you get lucky!

The Good Luck Gateway was created with a grant from the Providence Art+Culture+Tourism Dept.  It was a competitive call to artists.  My GLG design was selected to launch Providence's flagship festival PVDFest.  The installation will be at its location for 5 months.  The interactions, joy, and magic the Gateway has brought to the festival and Providence have been overwhelming.  The Good Luck Gateway is available to come to your city or festival.  This Gateway was designed site-specific, but it can be re-created to fit new spaces.  Please email to discuss options. 

This is a link to footage of the GLG at PVDFest.


This is a link to the Good Luck Activation Event that kicked off the PVDFest.

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